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Exceptional Floor Cleaning Services


from a Experienced Carpet Cleaning Team

  When it comes to the deep down carpet cleaning services in the Twin Cities area, no other business can compare to EcoGreen Cleaning. Our highly experienced cleaning professionals excel in providing unrivalled cleaning services for carpets and upholstery throughout your home. Call our carpet cleaning specialists in the Twin Cities area today,   to request a quote. 952.200.8464


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Powerful steam
truck-mount cleaning
w/no residue soft water
Pre-treatment is always
included every service

 Paint and
other stain removal

Green Cleaning options,
child & pet safe

Pet odor & stain removal

Commercial grade
equipment used

Industrial strength
cleaning agents

Maintenance, high PH,
and acid washing options

Grout             sealing optionsGrout clear seal or color
stain seal options

PH neutralizerPH neutralizer used in
rinse extraction

Travertine, Marble,
Limestone & Slate

Cracked tile & grout
repair services

Travertine hole filling

Sealing, buffing, and
polishing services

Coating             stripping servicesCoating stripping

Urethane color stain for
your grout.

Creates super barrier
on your grout

Change the color of your
grout to any color

Dynamic change to over
all look of your floor

Easy maintenance of the
your grout

Carpet & Tile cleaning,
sealing, and repair
restoration services

Interior painting

Minor drywall repair

Landscape cleanup &
irrigation repair

House cleaning & trash
out services

Protect your garage
floor from oil & spills

Industrial grade
applications available

Resin additive option
reduces slipping

Joint filler compound
for easy cleaning

Color flake options